Yardren Lam, Thimphu, Ph: 00975-02-333075/333012

Why us??

We have been thinking in DORJI Elements, what is “About us”. What is our story?
Is it our prime location?
Is it our contemporary Bhutanese design, architecture and artworks?
Is it the splendor of the hills and the crystal clear river that overlook from our windows?
We thought for a while and now it has all become clear ………


“About Us” is actually all “About You”

It is because, from the very beginning we have been thinking about you.
When we designed the structure and the interiors, the flow of the natural sunlight, we thought about you.
When we picked the furniture, the prayer wheels in the lobby, the dried spices partition walls, we thought about you.
When we tried and tested varieties of cuisine, we thought about your taste buds.
When we were developing this website, we constantly thought about how to reach you.
We are here to make sure you are in your element
Oh yes! You have and will always be in our thoughts.
And that is, what is “About us”

Dorji Elements in tandem with social work